General Pre-Qualifying Criteria

Any active Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), whether land-based or sea-based, and possessing the following qualifications, may be nominated for pre-qualification:

Note: For the Capt. Gregorio S. Oca Achievement Award, any individual, whether or not an active OFW, or a reputable and duly registered entity may be nominated.

Specific Criteria per Category

The following specific criteria must be very satisfactorily met to qualify for any of the five (5) awards categories:

Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Employee
  • a. Has earned the respect, trust and confidence of his or her employer, superiors and co-workers
  • b. Has proven his or her competence by being promoted in status or in rank, or awarded citation or recognition for distinguished and outstanding performance of his or her work duties and responsibilities, which in turn contributed to the growth or well-being of the company he or she works or have worked for; and
  • c. Has manifested love for work, concern for the company and his or her co-workers
Bagong Bayani Award for Community and Social Service
  • a. Has initiated or has been sincerely involved, whether in the country or abroad, in community or socially relevant services or activities aimed at either helping or extending assistance to fellow workers or their families, or promoting the Philippines as a business or tourism destination.
  • b. Has selflessly offered his or her time, skills and/or resources, in collective or personal capacity, to engage in such community services or activities that are beneficial to the people; or
  • c. Has performed heroic act or deed, or has saved life or property, the performance of which is beyond the normal call of duty.
Bagong Bayani Award for Culture and the Arts
  • a. Has worked or has been involved in the promotion, preservation and development of Filipino culture and the arts overseas; or
  • b. Has excelled in his or her work as an artist abroad thereby earning recognition, adulation or honor for Filipino artistry and talent.
Capt. Gregorio S. Oca Achievement Award

A special award conferred upon any individual or entity who made significant contributions to the development of the Philippine Shipping/Seafaring Industry and who embodies and symbolizes the advocacy, achievement or contribution of the late Capt. Gregorio S. Oca to the Philippine Maritime and Seafaring Industry. Specific Criteria (any two)

  • a. Must have demonstrated exemplary and significant contribution to the Philippine Seafaring Industry and Philippine Manning Industry for 25 years.
  • b. Must have dedicated service towards the advancement of the welfare and general well-being of seafarers.
  • c. Must have exhibited exemplary leadership or demonstrated exceptional valor/bravery while at sea; or
  • d. Must have made a significant, lasting evidence and sustained commitment to competitiveness and operational efficiency as well as to safety and environmental initiatives.
Blas F. Ople Award para sa “Natatanging Bagong Bayani”

This is highest and most prestigious Bagong Bayani Award. It is conferred to the most outstanding OFW who have been nominated, qualified and excelled in at least two (2) of the above four categories mentioned above.