Engr. Limuel Aparici Yap

Runcore International Co. Inc.

As Director of Engineering of Runcore International, Limuel Aparici Yap spearheaded the design and development of Solid State Storage memory for industrial and military applications worldwide, particularly in Turkey and Israel. In 2012, he was promoted to General Manager where he established Runcore USA in San Jose, California, gaining brand recognition in North America.

Simultaneously, he was promoted Vice-President of Global Operations handling worldwide sales, marketing and technical support. His expertise and dynamism led to the huge increase of the company’s overseas sales revenue by at least 40% for two consecutive years. This accomplishment resulted to a wider brand recognition of its products among the consumers.

His excellent coaching/mentoring skills led its members to reach their highest potentials, promoting cross-functional responsibilities and teamwork among inter-related departments.

Proudly, he holds the distinction of being the first expatriate employee to occupy two executive positions at the same time owing to his exceptional leadership, excellent business management, dedication and commitment and development of innovative ideas.

Indeed, Limuel Aparici Yap is worthy of emulation for the Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Employee.