Ester Dionisio Mercado

Household Service Worker
Mr. Ooi Chee Beng
Selangor, Malaysia

Having worked as a loyal household service worker for the same employer in Malaysia for 20 years, Ester Dionisio Mercado has spent the better part of her life as an OFW – a great sacrifice she has undertaken for love of family.

Ester is one household worker who will not let an opportunity go to waste as she productively made use of her rest days to enroll in a computer school in Malaysia. She completed a course on Microsoft Office 2000 offered by a computer learning center owned and operated by a Filipino married to a Malaysian. For achievement as a pilot graduate of the program, she was featured in the Malaysian newspaper “The Star: the People’s Paper” in an article entitled “Mercado is no ordinary maid.” This recognition further encouraged her to work for the newspaper “Ang OFW Ngayon” as a columnist, writing stories of OFWs in Malaysia. She has had 22 of her stories published nationwide, and has started writing a book as well.

For her willingness to improve herself and explore new horizons as a communicator for OFWs, Ms. Mercado is conferred the Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Employee.