Veronica C. Ugates

Position:  Senior Nurse
Philippine Address:  15J, 20 Calubihan, Marigondon, Lapulapu City, Cebu
Employer: Veba Oil Operations, Tripoli, Libya

Veronica C. Ugates has worked in Tripoli, Libya since 1985 as a nurse. She is being honored here not only for her professionalism but more so for her being a caring and loving human being as manifested by her work in the community and the Church.

Outside her work as Senior Nurse at the Veba Oil Operations Company for the last 15 years, Ugates is a primary figure in promoting spiritual, moral and civic values to Filipino workers their dependents in Libya.  She actively serves at the St. Francis Church as a lay leader and together with her husband, Armando and Fr. Lito Pinili formulated the guidelines on pre-marital counseling. The guidelines have been a great help in the midst of moral challenges confronted by many Filipinos in Libya.  Seeing a need for the involvement of the youth in the Churce, Ugates also helped set up the St. Francis Youth Program as well as the St. Francis newsletter which have made a lot of difference in the Filipino community. Her services and contributions were recognized by the church when she was chosen to represent Libya to the 47th Eucharistic Congress in Vatican in 2000 and the World Youth Program in Germany in 2003.

In 1997 together with other Filipino workers in Libya, Ugates took lead to making representations with the Philippine Embassy to allow the use of the Libayan Dinar and not only the US dollar for Embassy or Consular fees.  The appeal was eventually considered.  In 2000, Ugates was recognized by the Eugenio Lopez Bayaning Pilipino Awards ng Gitnang Silangan. In 2001, she was bestowed the Pope’s Apostolic Blessing by the St. Francis Church in Tripoli. She was also awarded a Certificate of Merit for exemplary and unconditional professional service for 15 years by the Veba Oil Company Libya.

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