The Filipino Crew Of Esso Demet Ia

The sixteen Filipino crewmembers of MT Esso Demet ia, a 258,979 ton super tanker are being awarded for their endurance and courage during a fire they helped put out within six hours after two speed boats hit the tanker with eight to nine projectiles. The quick response and remarkable presence of mind of the crew saved them the vessel and millions of dollars worth of cargo.

The courage displayed by the 16 Filipino crew: Bernardo Ferrares, Radio Officer: Epifanio Zapata, 3 AE: Bonifacio Duran, Bosun: Bienvenido Sapida, Steward Cook: Jose Parati, 2nd Cook:

Jesus Rafols, AB/QU: Rolando Gonzales, AB/QU: Roman Yocor, AB/QU: Reynaldo Baldes, AB/QU: Ricardo Ricafuerte, AB/QU: Edgardo Fruto, Pumpman: Gabriel Santos, Oiler: Eduardo Fuerza, Oiler: Fausto Vinson, Machinist: Andres Gabiane, Jr., Messman: Wilfredo Limjuco, Messman. Won then the prestige of Bagong Bayani Awards.

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