Sofio M. Sanchez, JR.

Philippine Address: Sta. Maria Gloria, Oriental Mindoro
Employer: FT Fortech Electronics, Inc., No.7 Lane 350,
Nansun Road Kweisan Hsiang Taoyaun Hsein, Taiwan ROC

Inscribing the Global Filipino Poet Society

Just like the great Filipino national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, he believes that “pen is mightier than the sword.”  And that wonderful prose and poetry can serve as an inspiration for the revolutionaries.  But never did he approve a bloody armed revolution for freedom.

Instead of forming the regular socio-civic organization for his fellow OFWs, Jun motivated them into joining his poetic society.

His innate talent of making words paint pictures was never kept to himself. His first steps of joining several literary contests enthused a number of his colleagues to do the same and eventually formed their group.

Many of Jun’s literary works are winning pieces of art and published in several OFW publications. These works are poignant points of views of an overseas worker and reflective prayers for them.

Jun’s literary circle served as another vehicle in reaching out to his fellow countrymen working abroad.  Their few special activities encouraged a number of OFWs to join the group and inspired them to write literary works, instead of wasting their energies and time doing nothing.

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