Sabas V. Martus, Jr.

Position: Maritime Training Officer
Philippine Address: 106 T. Evangelista St., BF Homes Subd., Parañaque City
Employer:  Singa Ship Management Phils., Manila

 Hero and Survivor

Discipline, presence of mind, faith and fortitude allowed Seaman Sabas V. Martus Jr. and six other Filipino crewmates to withstand and survive a 29-day ordeal at sea. When their vessel Singa Sea sank in the most treacherous seas in the world, off Bunbury, Australia in the Indian Ocean, Martus commandeered an open tiny lifeboat and together with his six crewmates managed their survival in the next 29 days, defying all odds like scarcity of food, cold winds and strong waves. Considered one of the greatest survivals in maritime history, the valor and heroism of Martus and company has served as inspiration to both Filipino – and foreign mariners.

They only had enough rations to last them a few hours when rescued by a Greek bulk carrier Standard Virtue. But because there was only a few of them in the lifeboat they would have had four or five times the normal rations of water and food so they were able to last the extra time. The rescued seamen had lived on biscuits, sugar and water.

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