Position: Legal Administrative Assistant
Philippine Address: Talanghauan, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo
Employer: Hassan A. Karim Algahtani Sons Co. for Trading & Contracting/
HAK Group (Manpower Supply to HADEED)

Having spent many years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, MR. ROILO ALOJADO has served in different Filipino cultural organizations in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia in various capacities. He founded the “Awit Sayaw Cultural Group” that performs regularly for the Filipino communities. He was president of Saudi Arabia Hiligaynon Inc. and was an overall Chairman of the All Filipino Community and Sports Commission-Eastern Region, the umbrella organization of professional, civic, cultural and regional organizations and educational institutions.

Mr. Alojado is an active community leader. He has played significant roles in annual celebration of Independence Day, Migrant Workers’ Day, and Community Day, as well as in activities such as, Embassy on Wheels Consular Services, Philippine Labor Office Outreach Services, Overseas Absentee Voting Registration and Voting, sports and cultural events. Aside from these community projects, he also spearheaded fund raising campaigns for calamity victims in the Philippines, the latest of which is for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

The Bagong Bayani Award for Culture and the Arts is given to MR. ROILO ALOJADO for the assistance he had extended to Filipinos abroad. His experience as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) for almost 33 years honed his ability to understand his fellow OFWs and be aware of their issues and concerns and extend to them the necessary assistance.