Rogelio Coniega

Position:  Restaurant Owner


The Filipino community in UAE count on him as their knight in shining armour, the Pinoy who’s always there to answer distress calls of mostly domestic helpers who are overstaying, being maltreated and runaways. Indeed, Coniega must have done a good job as guardian of his compatriots that conferred on him the Banaag Award last year for raising funds for the victims of Mt. Pinatubo eruption and his long record of service to the Filipino community in UAE.

Aside from being the president of the United Filipino Association in the Emirates, Coniega is also the owner/manager of the Al Sana Restaurant and Restaurant and Rest house where he said he rarely enjoyed a leisurely breakfast when there are no calls for him to go to Immigration and Labor offices to run to the succour of Pinoys in distress.

His restaurant has become the association’s headquarters where indoor sports, cultural and other social activities are being held at no cost on the participants.

“I don’t consider helping other’s a burden. I feel light and happy every time I’m able to be of assistance. Not many people are privileged to be in a position where they can be a real help to others.”

This is Rogelio’s convictions. Thus, it is just fitting that dedication to further the cause and welfare of Filipino workers in UAE should earn him the Bagong Bayani Award.

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