Rhoel Mendoza

Position: Graphic Designer
Employer: Saudi Basic Industries Corp., (SABIC), Riyadh, K.S.A.

 Guarding the Pinoy Image Abroad

Saudi-based graphic artist Rhoel Mendoza defies the standard issue: he is what most of us dare not when beyond Manila: forthright, cheerfully accomplished, and proud of being a Filipino.

To those who know him, Mendoza is far more than just the peppy, pen-and-ink master who jazzes up visual specs at SABIC, designed for free the Pamana ng Lahi logo for the Philippine Embassy, or cobbled Pinoy fetes.

The community count on him as their editorial White Knight: the Pinoy whose sober, lucid prose in Letters to the Editor pop out every time anti-Filipino articles appear.  Indeed, Mendoza must have done a good job as “guardian of the Filipino image” that Arab News a major daily, was moved to bestow on him the Best Letter-Writer Award.

Aside from journalistic jousts, he is also a community organizer, fund-raiser, and an ever ready extra-hand. When there’s nobody to dish a medley, he pitches in; when no one can dress the stage, he doubles; and best of all, when they feel second-class, there’s the graphic artist with his five-year Service Award from SABIC that shows one can triumph with diligence, hard work – and talent.

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