Reuel Castro

Position:  Project Leader
Philippine Address: 7434 Kampupot St., Marcelo Green Village,
Parañaque City
Employer: Civil Service Bureau of the State of Bahrain

Bahrain has been home to Reuel for nearly 17 years. This Filipino professional spearheaded the campaign which brought back the confidence of the Filipino community to the Filipino Club which for a time was a deep in debts and low in membership and attendance. In 1995, along with a number of Filipinos in Bahrain, pooled resource and established the first Philippine School in Bahrain. He was subsequently elected Vice-Chairman of its Board of Trustees, a position he still holds. The Philippine School provides elementary and secondary education based on the Philippine education system to children of Filipino overseas workers in Bahrain. The School is now on its fourth year of operation. As attested by its financial records, the school has become very viable. In February 1998, Reuel led the Filipino community in Bahrain in organizing and conducting the first Philippine economic forum in the Middle East. The forum discussed the causes and implications of the Asian Financial Crisis on the Philippine economy and the impact of the crisis on the ordinary Filipino. As a result of this forum, members of the Filipino community agreed and signed the following action manifesto: (1) Continue and increase remittance of dollars to the Philippine thru the banking system; (2) Patroniza Philippine products abroad; (3) Reduce spending outside the Philippines; (4) Invest in Philippine Government-backed bonds or treasury bills; (5) Advocate exhibition of Philippine products abroad; (6) Intensify awareness of the prevailing economic situation and have confidence in the economic programs of the Philippine Government; and (7) Maintain the status of Filipinos as a well-sought out work force overseas.

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