Remedios E. Ondona

Position: Senior Nursery Nurse
Philippine Address: Durian St., San Roque Vill. Doliao, Toril, Davao City
Employer:  Northwest Armed Forces Hospital, P.O. Box 100, K.S.A.

Working for Tomorrow’s Future

“The children are our tomorrow’s future.” So the saying goes.

We often take his line for granted. As most single grown ups would probably spend their working lives on a “grown-up career” dealing with other grown-ups, Ms. Remedios Ondona chose not to.

Being an educator, she chose to work for the benefit of everybody’s future: the children.

Her current employer speaks highly of her being very dedicated to her work, excelling in all aspects of the education and nursing programs, and caring for the six week-old to the six year-old children alike.

She is presently the Senior Nursery Nurse of the Day Care Centre and is a respected and valued member of the Pre-School and Nursery Team of the North West and Armed Forces Hospitals Program in Saudi Arabia.

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