Rebenson B. Recaña

Position: Factory Worker
Philippine Address: Blk 49, Lot 24 Grandriverside Subd., Pasong Camachile, Gen. Trias, Cavite
Employer:  Jung In Yeong, Kim Gimhae / Woojin Alpha Co. Ltd
Address:  610 Bangchuk-ri, Sari-myeon, Goesan-Gun, Chungbuk,
South Korea

With a desire to raise the awareness of Filipino migrant workers on their rights, and building their capacity to enable them to stand up for said rights, Mr. Recaña founded the Filipino EPS Workers Association (FEWA) in 2006.  Through this Association, aggressive labor education activities, trainings and symposia in various workers’ communities were conducted across South Korea. His initiative in publishing SULYAPINOY, the first and only newsletter managed by factory workers which later established its website, became the most effective for a for this campaign as well as a venue for promoting the exchange of issues as well as Filipino arts and culture.

He is also the founding Chairman of Gawad Fr. Glenn Giovanni Jaron, MSP, which pays tribute to outstanding Filipinos and communities.

As an employee of Wooji n Alpha Co. Ltd., his consistently good performance has made him a valuable asset of the company and a model for all OFWs to emulate.

Awards and Recognition

  • Certificate of Appreciation in grateful recognition of his services as a volunteer of the Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community-Labor Relations Committee (EPS), 01 March 2009, given by Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants
  • Certificate of Appreciation given by FEWA on 29 April 2007 for continuous cooperation in all community activities.
  • Certificate of Recognition given by FEWA on 02 November 2008 for his initiatives to provide Filipinos in South Korea with SULYAPINOY Newsletter and website aimed to foster press freedom among fellow migrants

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