Peter Torres & Gloria Evangeline Torres

Position: Performing Artist
Philippine Address: 2141 Old Balagtas, Pandacan, Manila

Peter Torres and Gloria Evangeline Estrada Torres have been performing overseas for almost 19 years. They are known not only for their world-class performances but as “Orly Mercado and Rosa Rosal” to the many Filipinos in the many countries they have been to. Hundreds of Filipino artist have been helped by this couple. They have been assisting Filipinos in Okinawa, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Korea. Their music ministry have been the source of strength for many overseas performing artists.

In Port Moresby, their apostolate was to teach music to the aborigines. The Chin H. Min recording company took notice of them and they were commissioned to record Christian songs and jingles which are now being played in Christian gatherings all over Papua New Guinea and in some parts of Australia. Many times, the crowd-drawing power of the couple has saved the closure of a venue or a hotel that employs hundreds of Filipinos. The Palace Hotel in Beijing, China was one such hotel. While in South Korea, Peter and Vangie organized a Freddie Aguilar concert that proceeds which were channelled to the private funds for a legal assistance and welfare needs of Filipino workers.

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