Pascuala Dastas

Position: Domestic Helper

To some people, Pascuala Dastas, 37, a native of San Pascual, Nasugbu, Batangas was just an ordinary Filipino with dreams of a good future for her family.

She started to work as a domestic helper in Hongkong four years ago to help her husband Rodolfo support their children’s education.

But she proved she was no ordinary Filipino. In fact, she was so unique that she deserved a Bagong Bayani Award even posthumously for the great sacrifice she made. She risked her own life in order to save her employer’s son Jonathan Ng, from being hit by a wayward school bus. Once again, the dedication and worth of the Filipino worker have been shown to the whole world by example Pascuala set.

She may not have lived to see her dreams fulfilled. Her bereaved family may be in deep grief but with great pride for she did not die in vain. She left behind a legacy and a string of benefactors who will ensure that her sons Michael 17, Marlon 16 and Melvin 11, will be able to realize her dream for them in the near future.

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