Melvin J. Malvar

Position: General Manager
Philippine Address: 672 Mabinin St., Tagum City
Employer:  Construction and Material Supply, Inc., Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Marians Islands

Melvin J. Malvar is being honored for his dedication and competence in his work, sense of professionalism and admirable community participation.  He started as chief accountant and got a promotion thrice until he became the general manager. In a company where most of the officers are CNMI residents or US citizens, Malvar is a cut above the others for having broken tradition and becoming the first Filipino to become general manager of the company.

In 1994, Malvar decided to return to the Philippines and found work as comptroller of Tagum Rural Bank. Despite the demands of his job, Malvar managed to pursue higher education and earned his Master in Business Administration from the University of Mindanao in 1998.

Meanwhile, in Saipan, his employer was in need of a comptroller. Malvar’s work there must have left a good impression on his employer because the Company tracked him down in Davao. He was offered the comptroller position in June 2000 and rose to become general manager of the Saipan company in 2001. Apart from his highly responsible position, Malvar is very active in various community events in Saipan and professional groups which includes the Marianas Institute of Filipino CPAs and Accountants, Bayani Association and a NAMFREL volunteer in Saipan during the 2004 Philippine national elections.

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