Mary Jane Pajarillo-Tupas

Position: Director of Nursing
Philippine Address: Puis New Washington, Aklan
Employer: Mohammad Dossary Hospital

Mary Jane was unanimously nominated by our Philippine Labor office in Al-Khobar, her employer and co-hospital staff, and the Filipino community in the eastern province of the kingdom to this awards category.  Rising from the ranks to become the Director of Nursing of Mohammad Dossary Hospital in Saudi Arabia in nearly a decade, this well loved nurse has spearheaded various medical missions and socio-civic activities for our OFWs.  Through her persistence and hard work, she was able to convince the hospital where she works to provide free medical services to distressed and run-away household workers.

In an emergency situation involving a 4-month bleeding pregnant woman onboard flight from Dhahran to Manila in 2006, her excellent medical skills and presence of mind came to the fore when she successfully stabilized the patient’s condition during the long haul.

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