Marlon Joseph C. Molina

Position:  Deputy Manager
Philippine Address:  69 Poblacion Norte, Mayantoc, Tarlac
Employer:  Westminster Health Care, United Kingdom

Marlon Joseph C. Molina, a nurse by profession, went to England in 2002 to being work as a Senior Carer at the Westminster Health Care (UK) Ltd. He completed his adaptation course within three months and was transferred in December 2004 to The Westminster Ashford House, a newly built home for the elderly and young-onset dementias.  It was in this facility that his caring attitude, enthusiasm and high motivation to provide a high standard of care to the elderly was noticed by his manager who promoted him as her Deputy Manager.

As Deputy Manager, Molina takes charge of all the training needs of the staff through courses, supervision, and mentoring. He is also responsible for the well-being of the residents. He has helped the Homes Policies within the guidelines set by the Care Commission and the General Nursing Council as well as the Care Plans to give clients choice, dignity and care to the highest standards. Currently, Molina is working towards his Assessors Award and has been nominated for the Managers Award to begin in 2005.

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