Maria Josela S. Zamora

Position:  Cook
Philippine Address: Lot 40, Blk. #1 San Jose Village. Banilad, Dumaguete City
Employer:  Rosario Goicoechea Echaide
Calle Velasquez 48, 50-D 28001 Madrid, Spain

Ms. Zamora is the President of the Asociacion de Mujeres Filipina (AMFIL) based in Madripd which advocates the interest and causes of women. A dedicated wife, mother and a committed worker, she also toiled as coordinator of Tahanan, a Filipino Chaplaincy, undertaking support projects also for OFWs.

A principled individual, her initiatives, made OWWA services in Madrid, more concrete and nearer to OFWs who need them most.

Awards and Recognition

  • Certificate of Appreciation (Barrio Fiesta), June 2003, Madrid Spain, Philippine Embassy, POLO, Madrid
  • Certificate of Appreciation/Flores De Mayo, May 2004, Madrid, Spain, Tahanan, Madrid
  • Certificate of Appreciation (Barrio Fiesta), June 2004 & June 2005, Philippine Embassy, POLO, Madrid

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