Manuel B. Perito, Jr.

Position: Senior Manager/Risk Management
Philippine Address: Brgy. Palale, Sta Margarita Western Samar
Employer:  Oman Insurance Company
P.O. Box 5209 Dubai, U.A.E.

Mr. Perito is the brains behind the Super Oman and Risk Man info comic series of the Oman Insurance Company (OIC) in Dubai, placing it in the map of the local & global insurance industry. The series was published in the 1) British Automatic Fire Sprinklers Association (BAFSA) website; 2) Risk Consultants/Loss Prevention Consultancy Ltd. website; and 3) Institute of Risk Management InfoRM Magazine, and made OIC a byword in the global insurance industry. His exemplary work qualities interest his company to its fold.

In an effort to uphold Filipino camaraderie and cultural traits, he formed the Dubai United Expat Tennis (DUET). The DUET attracted membership of both Filipino and UAE nationals. It also became a vehicle for other noble causes such as raising repatriation funds for fellow Filipinos in need.

Awards and Recognition

  • Appreciation Plaque for Creative Innovation-Info Comics, OIC Staff Party, Marriot Hotel, March 2006,Oman Insurance Company
  • Employee of the Year 2005 Finalist, OIC Staff Party, Marriot Hotel, March 2006, Oman Insurance Company
  • Employee of the Month-September 2007, OIC Head Office-Dubai, October 2007, Oman Insurance Company
  • Leadership Quality Award 2007 Finalist, OIC Party Staff, Marriot Hotel, March 2008, Oman Insurance Company
  • Staff Suggestion Scheme-Health & Safety Category-Special Appreciation Certificate, Rotana Suites, Dubai, May 2008, Ideas Arabia 2008 , Dubai Quality Group
  • Risk Innovation 2008 Winner-Construction & Realty Division, Philadelphia USA, October 2008, Risk & Insurance Portal, PA, USA

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