Mansueto E. Nudalo

Position: General Administrative Supervisor
Employer: Dumez Kah, KSA
Local Agency: Phil-Dumez Construction Corporation

 Up from the Ranks

The nation salutes Mansueto E. Nudalo whose diligence and hard work extolled the image of the Filipino as a competent worker. Here is a classic example of a worker who rose from the ranks to his current position without a string of titles attached to his name.

An elementary graduate, he earned the respect, trust and confidence of the management through his positive attitude towards work. From a metallic form erector, to officer-in-charge of job sites until becoming general administrative supervisor, he had shown his versatility in the different fields of work he was assigned to which paved the way for an organized and systematic workflow and arrangement in his office.

He nurtured and trained his fellow workers to enhance their potentials at work. Nudalo believes that the best investment he can have is to invest in people, sharing his knowledge and pulling them with him along the way.

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