Leonor Mohammad F. Gile

Position:  Florist
Philippine Address: 1634 Estrada St., San Andres, Manila
Employer:  Afrah Sohur Flowers
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A competent, artistic and hardworking flower arranger who has worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1986, Leonor Mohammad F. Gile is a native of Sorsogon who finds fulfillment helping others particularly those in distress. His employers attest to Gile’s competence and proficiency in his work, his flower arrangements being well-liked by customers and his being able to get along well with colleagues.

But it is his sense of volunteerism and love for his countrymen and others that make Gile stand out as a human being, as a Filipino. Gile has volunteered his free time and services to work hand in hand with the Phiippine Embassy and friends in the community in finding solutions to problems of Filipino workers in and around Jeddah, KSA particularly in Bisha.  Most of these problems are labor or passport-related.

The Philippine Embassy has given him authority to attend and assist many Filipino workers fight for their rights without expecting anything in return. Thus far, Gile has attended to hundreds of cases involving more workers; and he does not let go until solutions are found and agreements reached. Many of the cases involve unpaid salaries and benefits and assists workers make claims at the Labor Court until these are awarded.

Gile’s sole safisfaction is being able to be of service.

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