Lauro B. Prez

Position: Seafarers
Employer:  Co Op Sunrise/Nicoresti

Filipino seafarers Edgardo F. Olindan (posthumous), Silvino L. Mendoza (posthumous), and Lauro B. Prez who demonstrated exemplary courage during the CO OP SUNRISE/NICORESTI Sea rescue.

Mendoza, Olindan, and Perez were among the crew of Co Op Sunrise, a 47,249 ton LPG carrier which is managed by Universal Marine Corporation of Japan and represented in the Philippines by Hammonia Marine Services, Inc. On June 29, 1996, a fire broke out in the engine room of the Nicoresti, an 8,750-ton Romanian cargo vessel, while it sailed in the Gulf international waters off Dubai. As the fire spread, the crew of Nicoresti started jumping into the sea.

Learning of the fire through a radio message, the Co Op Sunrise went to the Nicoresti’s rescue. Using their lifeboats, Mendoza, Olindan, and Perez and other crewmembers tried to pull out the Nicoresti crew from the waters. Mendoza and Olindan died when the lifeboats carrying the rescuers and the survivors snapped as it was being winched up and crashed back into the water. The two Filipino seamen were the first to be thrown out and failed to resurface in the heavy seas.

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