Jesus C. Sumook

Position: Able Seaman
Employer:  Southfield Agencies, Inc.

Considered as one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs on board vessel, an able bodied seaman also entails one to be alert at all times. On November 16, 2006, Mr. Sumook’s capability was tested. While hauling cargoes on board the vessel SAGA SPRAY in Helsingberg, Jesus noticed the seemingly lifeless boy of another worker and a permeating smell of carbon monoxide.  As a quick response to such situation, Jesus helped the man be removed from the scene and eventually saved him from mortal danger.  The man turned to be Swedish. This made the Swedish Merchant Marine Foundation delighted upon learning the bravery of Mr. Sumook and eventually nominated him for special recognition.

AB Sumook was deployed by his manning agency, Southfield Agencies, for its principal, Day Star Shipping Ltd.

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