Jesse James A. Agustin

Position: Chief Technical Assistant
Philippine Address: 1032 Malamig-Batanes St., Sampaloc, Manila
Employer:  Ministry of Development
Brunei Darussalam

Jesse James A. Agustin has been a practicing civil engineer for more than three decades now, 26 years if which he spent in Negara Brunei Darussalam where he has carved a good reputation not only for himself but for the Filipinos working there as well. He has practically and literally changed the face of Brunei that people accord him with great respect not only for his competence and accomplishments but also for his dedication and attitude towards work.

Starting his work in Brunei in 1979, he managed and supervised the projects under the R.C. Gonzalez Co., Inc., the first Filipino construction company awarded by the Sultanate of Brunei such as Jerudong-Tutong Coastal Road Project costing B$39 million. In the course of the project, some 300 Filipino professionals and skilled workers had been hired; a few of them becoming successful government officials, entrepreneurs and contractors of Brunei Darussalam today. His more prominent projects as Chief Technical Assistant in the Road Department of the Ministry of Development since 1982 include a pilot housing project worth B$50 million; upgrading of Kampong roads at B$60 million; the construction and upgrading of high density road that links minor and major roads (1996-2001) at B$2 billion; construction of the Berakas Link Road to overcome traffic problem at B$ 14 million; improvement of the private road entrances (simpang) at B$28 million; and mosques and sports facilities.

Whie the abovementioned projects have vastly improved the face of this rugged and mountainous country as well as the life and living conditions of the people, Agustin has also affected his colleagues in the Ministry in long-lasting ways. In the course of his work, he has introduced his local colleagues to management and training techniques that altered the system of construction and maintenance while advancing their working knowledge in the field of construction.

Despite his hectic work life, Agustin still manages to help fellow Filipinos in need and had made the initiative towards the establishment of SSS offices in Brunei and other countries. He is an avid supporter of the programs of the Philippine Embassy as well as an active link in the promotion of Philippine culture and arts in Brunei society.

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