Isabelo L. Labanda

Position: Safety Inspector
Employer: Asia Executive Resources, San Francisco, CA

 The Safety Specialist

As a Safety Inspector, Isabelo Labanda believes in the adage that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

An inspector of over 700 workplaces, Labanda designed safety and preventive measures to safeguard fellow workers’ lives.

He’s so outstanding in his job that he was chosen as a delegate to the professional development training courses in Subic Bay.

Labanda’s work stint was marked by professionalism and concern for his fellow workers.  He was instrumental in conceptualizing the Safety Incentive Program which provided his fellow employees US$300 a month thus encouraging them to do their best in their job.

He is a well-respected leader whose advise is sought for in the workplace and in the community as well.

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