Frank Chavez Jamandre

Position:  Regulatory & Accreditation Coordinator
Philippine Address:  Block 2, Lot 15 Falcon Street, Sunridge Village, Gitnang Bayan 1, San Mateo Rizal 1850
Employer:  Hamad General Hospital (Hamad Medical Corporation)
P.O. Box 3050 Doha, State of Qatar

Throughout his professional life, Mr. Jamandre has consistently demonstrated highest work ethics, values and outstanding performance in an international and multi-cultural environment. He earned the highest respect and recognition by the management and his peers. The fact that he was chosen as the “Best Employee-2002” by an Arab management in government hospital that employed thousand of medical staff from over 25 countries around the world is a strong, forceful and convincing proof of his exemplary professionalism. He brought national pride and made the Philippines “shine” in this part of the world with this accomplishment.

Additionally, he continuously demonstrates strong “leadership” in community and social services to help distressed overseas workers, victims and indigents in the Philippines. He selflessly devoted his time and outstanding leadership skills to galvanize various organizations in Qatar to engage in various beneficial community services.  For six years, he spearheaded the free medical-dental mission to lowly-paid and depressed workers in poorly-equipped labor camps and remote industrial areas in Qatar. He also spearheaded the humanitarian mission of distributing gift-packs of personal and hygiene accessories to run-away Filipina housemaids. In 2009, when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines, Jamandre was designated by Philippine Ambassador Relacion as the “Lead Coordinator” to solicit cash and donations to victims. Under Jamandre’s leadership, approximately QR50,000 ($14,000) was raised and sent to the Philippines, along with 149 boxes of foodstuff and used clothing. In 2010, under his leadership, $11,000 was raised. From these proceed, 15 distressed Filipino workers were sent home; QR10,000 was donated to Philippine School Doha, $500 was donated to ABS-CBN clean-up project and QR3,158 was donated to Filipino high school cancer patient, Jem Jem Acierte.

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