Filipino Officers and Crews of STOLT SPUR

 Employer:  Stolt Nielsen Services Phil., Inc.


The flash fire that swept chemical tanker Stolt Spur while dry-docking in Sembawang Singapore had not only produced a bunch of heroes for the country but had shown to the international shipping community how well-trained Filipino seamen are in the field of fire fighting and rescue operations.

Trapped in the engine and boiler rooms where the fire started, the six Filipino crew weathered the bright red flames thick black smoke shooting with great force up from the funnel and the open hatch in front of the funnel, the air, to the point of coughing out black fumes and putting their lives in dangers and odds, the crew successfully out through the gangway and the open yard.

Even after their ordeal, the six crew had actively figured in the swift rescue operations of screaming men burning from the knees up and others trapped in various parts of the ship. More than 20 ship personnel were saved through the heroic efforts of the entire rescue team, particularly 2AE Siawingco and Greaser Cunanan who cheated death while rescuing burning injured shipmates.

Such heroic deed and excellent rescue teamwork displayed by the six Filipino crew earned the praise of the shipping community and foreign nationals had since regarded with high esteem and respect the standing and quality of maritime safety training in the Philippines. For such a feat, the nation takes a bow.

Filipino Officers and Crews of Stolt Spur:

Cecilo Siawingco
Noel Magbitang
Teodorico Garcia
Libertito Trinidad
Cesar Salamana
Angelito Cunanan

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