Ernesto C. Singh

Position:  Administrative Assistant
Employer: Royal Saudi Naval Forces, KSA

Ernesto Singh’s story indicates that even without the diplomas one can rise above existing stature. Without a college degree, Singh through ingenuity, perseverance and hard work pulled himself from the ranks to a supervisory post. Starting as a clerk typist at the Naval Supply Center of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) in March 1981, he became clerk principal within nine months because of his outstanding performance.

Two years later he was promoted again to administrative assistant where he continues to be the best in his category up to the present.

Singh is being awarded as a Bagong Bayani of the year in the clerical field for an all-excellent rating from both his employers and co-workers throughout his stay with the company. His notable achievement was his contribution to the office filing system which has enable the office to locate and track down old and new files with ease.

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