Erlinda R. Layosa

Position: Editor

It must have been doubly difficult for Linda, a magna-cum-laude graduate (BSEEd) to leave her family and her teaching job to work as a domestic helper in a foreign land.

But fate must have been smiling at Linda then. For it was while serving as a live-in helper for a Chinese family in Hongkong that she began her interlude with words. During her moments of solitude, writing verses was a therapy that she turned to, pouring out her longing for home, her dreams, frustrations and aspirations. It was then, too, that the qualities of a serious writer began to blossom in her. She nourished her new found talent by taking a course in journalism (and professional writing) through a distance study programs while serving her Chinese employers.

The hardworking Linda ia s domestic helper no more. She worked her way up starting her writing career by contributing articles to international newsletter,. Today, Linda is the editor of an internationally circulated monthly magazine (the “Tinig Filipino”) designed for Filipinos working abroad. She is her compatriot, defender, inspiration, adviser and morale booster all in one.

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