Engr. Mohammad Omar O. Fajardo

Position:  Exchange Engineer


In his ten-year stint in Taif, Fajardo actively participated in civic and social functions of Filipino overseas contract workers (FOCWs) based in Saudi Arabia. For those who had problems with their employers, he is someone to lean on. Despite his workload, Fajardo finds time to fully assist countrymen particularly those being maltreated and advises them on proper action to take.

Quite popular in Taif, he mediates and acts as interpreter for Filipinos during court hearings and had fortunately won most of the cases.

Being a family man himself, this karate expert and diving instructor knew how lonely it is to be away with the loved ones so he founded SICAP. For an energetic chairman SICAP is Sports Information and Cultural Affairs of the Philippines purposely encouraging FOWs to keep away from homesickness and stay in healthy and lively disposition.

As an extension of his service to countrymen, he is one of those who cooperated with the Philippine Revenue Attaché on its tax campaign to ensure that Filipino’s earnings are properly remitted. And for the families of overseas contract workers living with them, he spearheaded the establishment of the New Filipino School which was greatly supported by the Taif and Macca governors, earning him the respect of Filipinos in Saudi Arabia.

Engineer Arturo A. Fajardo not only had an outstanding performance as a telecommunications expert but his exemplary acts foster good relations between our country and that of Saudi Arabia as well. We salute you for a dedicated service to the country and Filipino people.

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