Encarnacion Montales

Position: Domestic helper
Philippine Address: 2600 Pandacan St., Manila

Encar she is commonly called by her fellow workers as a simple woman but an effective coordinator of all successful activities of Filipino workers in Singapore since 1988. She is acting President of the Filipino Overseas Workers Group in Singapore, an auxiliary arm of OWWA and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Philippine Embassy. She was Overall Coordinator of the Pilipino Overseas Workers Enrichment Reorientation (POWER) , a skills training program which was implemented by the Philippine Embassy and presented to President Fidel v. Ramos during his state visit in February 1993. Encar also coordinated the “Walk for Pinatubo Fund Campaign” which rose in P. 2.5 million for Mt. Pinatubo displaced families in Central Luzon. Drawing from her own experiences of homesickness and loneliness, Encar reached out to her fellow domestic helpers by bringing them to prayer gatherings. Very soon, she was elected President of the Novena Filipino community.

Her employer, Tay Boon Sun, refers to Encar as industrious, competent, and kind-hearted. “She serves and she cares”, employer speaks warmly of Encar.

Encar herself says this of her aspirations for the Filipino worker. “My hope for our fellow Filipinos all over the country is that we must work hard and help each other to build our country so that one day soon as possible we can attain out great purpose for ourselves and for our children’s future.

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