Edwin B. Abary

Position:  Computer System Analyst


On November 4, 1992, Filipino overseas contract worker Edwin Abary’s residence in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates was raided by Immigration authorities. Moments later, two Filipina runaway housemaids were caught.

Abary was handcuffed, brought to immigration headquarters and interrogated. He was later released, with the interference of Philippine Embassy Officials there.

Five months later, Abary was again summoned by police authorities but again released unharmed.

Despite the harassment and threats to his life and family, Abary, a computer systems analyst of National bank of Fujairah, continued to provide assistance to ill-fated Filipinos in that country where his house is sheltering Filipinos runaways, the number of which even exceeded those in the OWWA office in Dubai.

In the face of these odds, Abary envisioned the setting up of a social center, aside from the now established United Filipinos Association in Fujairah which will particularly handle welfare cases and attend to the plight of not only the domestic helpers (dhs) but of all Filipino overseas contract workers in the emirates as well. He also suggested for the review of the dhs. Recruitment processes to minimize if not totally eliminate causes of maltreatment.

For all his efforts, Abary had received numerous awards and recognition from the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Office of the Labor Attaché and Commission on Filipino Overseas. To the patron of the domestic helpers, the Bagong Bayani Award rightfully belongs to Mr. Edwin B. Abary.

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