Dr. Macawaris Kalaw Mangondato

Position:  Ophthalmologist
Philippine Address: 34 Rancho Ave., Rancho Estate, Marikina City
Employer:  Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


In their race of excellence and fame in their chosen fields, most community service for lucrative prospects. Not Dr. Mangondato. This Muslim eye specialist has shown essence and spirit of professionalism and dedication in the medical service.

Armed with his medical diploma from UERM Medical College, Dr. Mangondato could easily have landed in a high paying post in any of the notable hospitals in the country. Instead, he packed his bag for hometown Lanao del Sur where he embarked on charitable eye care programs for the poor and more often free services to fellow Muslims who were opportune to have the first Filipino Muslim EENT in their midst.

When his services were called in far-off north (Ilocos province), Dr. Mangondato equally displayed his dedication to community service and aside from free eye care assistance programs, has spearheaded several worthwhile projects such as the Sight Conservation Program and Work for the Blind projects. Thus, he earned the respect of the Ilocanos who treated him not a Muslim but as their own.

For all these selfless endeavours, Dr. Mangondato has garnered the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for Community Service in 1976.

This devotion to community service has not left Dr. Mangondato’s heart when he made his sojourn to Saudi Arabia in mission and in his fifteen years of stay has been offering free medical clinic for the poor worshippers at the mosque of Madrasah. He became a notable member of the medical assistance group in annual pilgrimage seasons often handpicked by the Saudi government to service thousands of Muslim pilgrims every year.

His excellent record in eye surgeries in the Kingdom has earned him the respect not only of the Saudi but other multi-national expatriates there, earning for him the title “Dr. Filipini,” and symbolizing their respect for the Filipinos as a whole.

No less than the Saudi Ophthalmological and the Saudi government have given recognition of his exemplary performance and selfless services and this international accolade we note with due respect for its worth in the overseas employment history. We hail Dr. Mangondato as another Bagong Bayani for this year.

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