Dick E. Orense

Position:  Professional Librarian
Philippine Address: 43 Panay Ave., Quezon City
Employer: EXXEL Services Dubai, Suite # M-02 Mezzanine Floor Al Khalifa Building,
Trade Center Road, P.O. Box 29734, Dubai, United Ara Emirates

Crusade through Grace and Rhythm

His stint with the prestigious Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, being the first and only Filipino who succeeded in breaking through its core of elite workforce, marks a milestone in his career as a professional librarian. It was in this work sphere which shimmers in the halo of sobriety and compulsion for precision and order where this man of rosy disposition, vibrant personality and benevolent character first made his presence felt.

What begun as a personal struggle against the loneliness and anxieties be himself felt as he spent his first years in the Emirates, unwittingly, became a personal mission to share and make others happy through his zest and verve for music and motion. A genuine sense of love and care for others further lit his spirit to embark on a crusade of serving the cause of his countrymen. He then organized the first-ever Filipino Dance Club which through his charismatic and crusading spirit had spread its wings in other nooks and corners of the Emirates.

The numerous fund-raising campaigns he organized for our distressed compatriots in the Emirates and  for some of our country’s social welfare and disaster rehabilitation programs; the socio-cultural and sports activities he pioneered and steered to completion; the active networking he built to secure and promote well-being of Pinoys in the Emirates—all of these were but some of the worthy examples of the beautiful accomplishments of a crusade he pioneered and creatively pursued with his gift of grace and rhythm.

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