Dante C. Argañoza

Position: TV producer/writer/director
Employer:  Gentec-Ministry of Interior, K.S.A.

As a professional, Dante C. Arganoza, a TV producer excels for his distinguished contributions in the field of television, journalism, educational sound slide and documentary productions.  As a Filipino, he is magnanimous with his resources and himself, sharing whatever he can to needy kababayans.

Arganoza first worked overseas as a stage director at the Philippine Trade House in Washington, USA where he presented plays depicting Filipino life and culture: “A Glimpse of Philippine Life and Culture,” “Call Me Flory,’ among others.

While working in Saudi Arabia as TV director/writer/producer, his expertise in film and slide production led to the setting-up of Ministry of Interior’s National Information Center Training Institute video tape library pioneering in video documentary production of educational and training courses tapes.

Arganoza’s commitment to the country especially the Filipino arts and culture has never faltered. While at work, he wrote features and articles for the three English newspapers in the Kingdom about the Philippines’ scenic places, its customs and traditions and well-known figures and celebrities.

Arganoza was also commended for helping in the repatriation of 10 illegally recruited Filipinos by personally appealing to the Ministry of Interior for their release, volunteering his time, effort and money for the cause.

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