Cleofe C. Torrado

Philippine Address: Tupang, Alcala, Cagayan Valley

Employer:  Wong Chun Hung – Henry, 69 B 8/F Me Foo Sun Chuen,

24 Braodway, Kowloon, Hong Kong


A Friend Indeed…

A “friend” to everybody, hers is a story of an overseas Filipino worker who victoriously emerged from those painful years of working away from home and is now reaping the best gains of those trying times.

Her harvest time all the more made her exude the best of her generous heart and benevolent spirit, as she continues to be a blessing to many of her peers, her compatriots in Hong Kong and even her community back home in Cagayan. She selflessly shares her wealth and fortune, her time, especially to those who are in need and less fortunate.

Truly, she radiates the best a person could be. Indeed, she is a friend.

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