Cipriano S. Valdez

Position:  Shipping Instructor
Philippine Address:  B-4 L-22 Lagro Subd. Novaliches Quezon City
Employer: Royal Saudi Navor Forces, Jubail, KSA

 A Friend and a Mentor

Cipriano Valdez is being accorded the Bagong Bayani Awards for his exemplary skills, effort and dedication in training and producing high-caliber naval officers and cadets of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces. His expertise in Shipyard Damage Control and Fire Fighting had helped in the installation of an effective and standard training mission in the Royal Saudi Naval Forces.

As an instructor, Valdez selflessly rendered service and shared his knowledge in naval maintenance and safety tactics to the Arab forces manifesting goodwill and fostering closer relations and defense cooperation between our country and that of Saudi Arabia.

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