Ceferino M. Carandang

Position: Planning Department Office Supervisor
Employer: PTTS/RDC-Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Ministry of Defense and Aviation, K.S.A.

 A National Artist at Heart

An excellent worker, Ceferino Carandang’s contribution to the improvement of our nation’s economy is a unique feat worthy of praise and recognition.

Without any remuneration from a banking institution, Carandang went out of his way to encourage his fellow Filipino workers to remit their hard-earned money through proper banking channels, sharing a hand in our nation’s much needed foreign exchange thus he earned a commendation from the Philippine Commercial International Bank (PCIB) in Alkhobar.

The guidance he imparted to his fellow workers paved for safe and fast remittance services preventing worker’s losses.

From the start of his career in Saudi Arabia in 1981, he actively participated in the Income Tax Collection Committee and became chairmen in 1984.

Carandang is another story of a man who rose from the ranks through dedication and hard work. His promotion was so swift that only after a month as clerk typist he was elevated to technical aide and stayed in the position for four years until he became an office service supervisor.
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