Cecilio B. Dela Cruz, JR.

Philippine Address: Poblacion Gaiza, Camarines Sur

Employer: CNMI Department of Public Works, Gualo Rai Center Saipan,

P.O. Box 7610 SVRB, MP 96950


A Cut Above the Rest…

We Filipinos, have prided ourselves of being able to DO our BEST in whatever we do. Engr. Cecilio B. Dela Cruz is one of such living examples.

He stands out among his fellow engineers in the CNMI.  He is the only one in the CNMI Government with professionally recognized certifications.

His professionalism in his work is highly commended by his Officers and colleagues. His admirable dedication to his profession and to his work is no less as commendable as his professionalism and loyalty.

On top of his busy schedule, Mr. Dela Cruz still manages to find time for his kababayans by serving in the various Filipino Associations in the CNMI.

An exemplary employee and a model Filipino overseas, he is truly and proudly a Filipino, a cut above the rest.
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