Carmen Molina

Position: Personnel, Press and Communications assistant
Employer:  World Tourism Organization


Filipinos in Spain are proud to have Carmen Molina or Menci as she is fondly known, for her professional excellence and having rendered service to the Filipino community there.

She is one of the founders of the Tahanan, the center for Filipino workers in Madrid, which provides legal counselling to those securing residence or work permits, social assistance, training and formation to enable them to get into the mainstream of the Spanish classes and visits and as a venue for religious services and social gatherings.

Reliable and efficient, Menci, while pursuing a doctorate degree in History at the Universidad de Complutense, is also actively involved in regular conferences on migration.

Tahanan which she helped built together with the Delegation Diocesana de la Immigracion has been able to help countless Filipinos avoid deportation by helping them secure the necessary work documents and find jobs, too. For its various programs on personal, professional assistance and growth, Filipino workers in Spain are thankful to Tahanan, the brainchild of Menci Molina.

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