Carlito S. Pineda

Position: Personnel Clerk
Employer: Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) KSA

Carlito S. Pineda arrived in Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of HBH Company in January 1981. After going through the 90-day probationary period as Data Control Clerk in the Naval Supply Center of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, he was rated “Outstanding” in the job evaluation and was promoted Personnel Clerk Principal.

During his term as Data Control Clerk he set up a system in the entire stock record card battery unit. His excellent knowledge in automotive data processing led to the successful installation of IBM 4341 of the company.

Pineda handled records of 606 employees consisting of 14 nationalities, compiled and prepared statistical reports. He was commended by his employers for his outstanding contribution to the company as a top-notch worker while being active in other office affairs. He worked in the company for two years.

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