Capt. Autonomo Abellar Amano

Position: Master
Philippine Address: Barangay Maguiron, Guinobaan, Albay
Employer:  Höegh Fleet Services AS/Höegh Fleet Services Phils. Inc.

Capt. Amano has been sailing for the past 31 years, 26 years of which has been with Höegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc.  He started with the company as a ship rating in 1980 onboard a HUAL vessel and went to become a Third Officer in 1983, in a short span of time owing to his talent, skills and exemplary work attitude, he then rose from the ranks, occupying different positions of responsibilities until his promotion in 1998 to Master, a position he says took him so long to achieve due to the presence of pioneering foreign officers reigning over the Höegh vessels at that time.

As a Höegh seafarer and officer, he is an exemplary performer, leader, mentor, and friend. He is one of the Company’s outstanding seafarers getting all accolades from all levels during his entire service years with the company. He easily earned the highest respect and admiration when he remained unfazed in the midst of the industry-wide labor shortage and financial crisis which hit the Company starting in 2008.

During his stint with Höegh Fleet, he also had figured in a rescue operation in August 2005 while serving as Master on board Hual Tramper. Together with the crew they were instrumental in saving the life of a Frenchman whose vessel was distressed in the Atlantic Ocean.

He is a recipient of Silver Loyalty Award  in  March 2003, by  Höegh Fleet Services; Gold Loyalty Award in November 2004, by, Höegh Fleet Services and Platinum Loyalty Award in November 2009, by Höegh Fleet Services.

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