Position: EFL Department Coordinator
Philippine Address: Compania Central, Molo, Iloilo City 5000
Present Employer: Jilin University – Lambton College (Higher Education Institution)

Mr. ARNEL EMPANADO GENZOLA joined the Jilin University-Lambton College (JLU-LC) in China in 2007 as one of the international faculty members teaching English communication courses. He was instrumental in helping design the curriculum for JLU-JC’s new intensive English program.

Mr. GENZOLA brought prestige to the university as a delegate, speaker and presenter of research papers on teaching English in various international conferences in Cambodia, China, Hongkong, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. His paper on the use of ICTs in EAP (English Academic Purposes) classes presented during the 3rd CELC International Symposium in Singapore was awarded a grant by the Center for English Language Communication of the National University of Singapore in 2010. He was also conferred an award for being one of the 2010 Outstanding Foreign Experts in the Field of Education by the People’s Government of Jilin, China, in recognition of his outstanding performance and exceptional contributions to the economic and social development of the province during the commemoration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

On top of these achievements, Mr. GENZOLA also excelled in community service as an advocate of youth empowerment, servant leadership and adolescent health and youth development program (AHYDP) of POPCOM Region VI and Tian Ji Social Action Service (TJSS) Center in Northeast China. He was an active volunteer EFL teacher, trainer, training consultant and facilitator of the Tian Ji Social Service Center (TJSS) in Jilin City and in the Kingdom of Cambodia at Khmer Youth Development Center in the Province of Takeo.

The Bagong Bayani award for Community and Social Service is conferred to MR. GENZOLA for selflessly sharing with the international community his expertise in the field of communication, education, training, youth empowerment and community service.