Antonio Q. Alabastro

Position: Sub-Editor, Borneo Bulletin
Philippine Address: 1650 Road 20, Paco, Manila
Employer: Brunei Press S/B
Beribi Industrial Area, BSB Brunei Darusallam

A Manila news reporter before working overseas, Mr. Alabastro helped put up the 1st English daily newspaper in Brunei 19 years ago. To this date he continues as the paper’s resident historian and contemporary chronicler of the Philippine-Brunei relations for its print and online readers.

His stories about the achievements of Filipinos in foreign lands helped raise awareness of the excellence of overseas Filipino workers all over the world. He continues to write about the good and efficient work of diplomats, professionals and service staff alike which is often commended and acknowledged whenever Philippine Presidents call on His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei.

While retirement is already an option at his age, his employer describes Mr. Alabastro as difficult to replace.

Awards and Recognition

  • Brunei Shell Journalism Award, 1997, given by Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Nominee for the Philippine Presidential Award in 2000 by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO)
  • Philippine Embassy’s Outstanding Performance in Labor and Employment (OPLE) Award from Labor Secretary Blas F. Ople in the Philippine Embassy in Brunei

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