Antonio Bautista

Position: Executive Secretary to the Managing Director
Employer: National Commercial Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Tony is the founding member of the AFTPA, the All-Filipino Tennis Players’ Association. When AFTPA was organized in 1987, it was exclusively for Filipinos. In 1995, as chairman, Tony opened the membership of AFTPA to all nationalities. He believed that AFTPA, though a non-profit organization, could be an effective vehicle in showcasing the management skills of Filipinos. His bold decision has paid off as membership is now almost 1,400. AFTPA has become a by-word in the management of major sports tournaments despite the lack of logistics. Today, average participation in every major tournament organized by AFTPA in Saudi Arabia is 550 players compared to 200 in the tennis tournaments organized by Lacoste and Perrier.

Tony’s dedication and enthusiasm as a community leader has taken him to more responsible positions in the Filipino community. He is now the current Chairman of the Kapulungan ng mga Smahang Pilipino (KASAPI), the biggest Filipino federation in Saudi Arabia.

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