Amelita Deslate

Philippine Address: Tabuc Sur, Panitan, Capiz

Employer:  Ralph Louis, Giulianotti, 4F 18 Fung Fai Terrace Happy Valley


My mother, my best friend, my angel

A mother is naturally generous in loving.  She will sacrifice her own happiness for her loved ones. Such is very much of Ms. Amy Deslate, or Manang Amy for her close friends.

Considered by all of her eight different employers as a true professional and a person of integrity; seen by all of her colleagues in her numerous organizations as an indefatigable leader; acknowledged by officials of different institutions she had interacted with as a true ambassadress of goodwill; and forever carved in the hearts of all her friends, relatives and family that Manang Amy is a person they can always count on emotionally, spiritually and even financially.

On one occasion, she proved herself to be an angel when she used every resource she had to stop an abortion of a confused pregnant Filipina household worker. Today, the child has grown to be a happy little boy giving joy to their family.

Only a person with a heart of gold such as Manang Amy can have all these traits and isdeserving to be one of this year’s Bagong Bayani Awardees.

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