Alexander Edades Asuncion

Position: Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant
Address: Jubail Industrial City, K.S.A.
Employer: National Methanol Company

Alex Asuncion has been cited for his untiring and invaluable assistance to the Filipino community in KSA. Thru the Filipino organization, Sanggunian ng mga Kapatid sa Hanapbuhay (SANKAPBUHAY) which he heads, Mr. Asuncion has rendered help especially to Filipino workers in the Eastern Region who encounter problems regarding their employment. Alex came with the first waves of Filipino workers to Saudi Arabia in 1979. His skills in legal counselling despite lack of legal education and his familiarity with the Saudi labor and Workmen Law have been honed by the number of years he has spent in personnel administration, recruitment, training and employee affairs in such companies as RSAL/Chemsult Al Hoty, Resource Science Aramia Ltg. and National Methanol Company (lbn Sina). Alex is the author of a flyer on Saudi Labor Laws which the POEA is using for its pre-departure orientation seminars. He also acts as resource speaker on Saudi Labor Laws at the POEA pre-departure orientation seminars every time he is in Manila for vacation.

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