Filipino Crewmembers of M/V Stolt Capability

Employer:  Stolt Nielsen Transport Group, Inc.
Don Chua-Lamko Bldg.
HV dela Costa Salcedo Vill., Makati City

The vessel MV Stolt Capability was en route to Kuantan, Malaysia from Hong Kong on October 21, 2003 when First Officer Francis Losbanes received the first distress call from the Vietnam-registered Hoang Dat 35, with 16 crew aboad: it was sinking.  The two vessels were eight miles apart and Capt. Ivan Vukovic altered course. Stolt Capability reached Hoang Dat 35 in about 30  minutes of high speed steaming at 4:30am. The Hoang Dat 35’s port side bridge was almost touching the water and was in imminent danger of sinking.  The rain, strong winds and rough seas with heavy swell made it impossible for the Stolt to o alongside the sinking ship or event o lower the rescue boat.

Just after 5a.m., the first of two blinking lights from the crew’s lifejackets were spotted in the water. The Stolt crew was ready, with pilot ladders rigged forward and aft on the port side having maneuvered the ship to give lee for the men in the water. After about an hour of intense efforts, 12 cold and exhausted crew were safely on board. Two other crewmembers could be seen in the water but despite the heroic efforts of some officers, both men expired before they could be brought aboard.

The Hoang Dat 35 diasappeared from the radar at 7:30 am. Two men remained missing. By 9:24am, Stolt Capability sighted a man in the water a few miles of the original recovery area and was quickly brought aboard; the last missing seaman was not recovered. The rescued men including the master of the Hoang Dat 35 were delivered to the nearest port, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The Hoang Dat 35 was delivering timber from Malaysia to Hai Phong, Vietnam when reportedly hit by whirlwinds.

The M/V Stold Capability Crew: 

Capt. Marcial M. Landero
C/E Nunilo A. Roldan
C/M Ernesto E. Esquivias
2/M Sisinio G. Mahinay
3/M Mar R. Gonzales
2/E Edmund D. Tagulao
3/E Emmanuel T. Antonio
4/E Jhun T. Delos Reyes
Elect Leovino Carandang
BSN Jose S. Olegario, Jr.
FTR Joselito B. Tipo
AB Ricardo D. Abareles
AB Nestor A. Buno
AB Edmo D. Foronda
AB Nilo C. Nicor
AB Johnny Vonn Joelito C. Orquejo
AB Jovito B. Prestoza
AB Renato S. Rallos
AB Jose Marie C. Sebugan
OLR Ronaldo M. Benevidez
OLR Sonny Boy S. Iso
OLR Victorino N. Quirol
OS Chris M. Abelida
OS Romeo B. Acut, Jr.
OS Pius L. Agcarao
OS Chou Lai A. Arapoc
OS Raul A. Atilan
OS Josel Niño Bado
OS Anthony Café
OS Hosea Clemente S. Caspe
OS Edilberto C. De Guia
OS Julio Garcia III
OS Dionisio C. Lejano
OS Rogelio C. Orpilla
OS George R. Ortal
OS Alcindor G. Pañares
OS Erel P. Pedro
OS Custodio D. Penado, Jr.
OS Anthony P. Sarcilla
OS/2 Nicomedes P. Caballero
OS/2 Jose Vicente P. Catorce
OS/2 Enrico D. Pasacas
C/CK Pedrito B. Manzon
2/CK Bernardo R. Pasia
MSM/2 Johnny R. Jimenez
MSM Jeffy D. Alolor
MSM Manuel M. Narvadez, Jr.
D/CDT Zaldy Richelle O. Clementir

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